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July 16, 2004

The Louisiana State Police Special Agent badge surfaces on the collectors market every now and then, and when it does, there are always questions about it. What is a Special Agent with the Louisiana State Police? Here’s the story…

This is not a current issue. Although the Louisiana State Police certainly has investigators, the badges that you see these days on the collectors market, noted with the rank SPECIAL AGENT were never issued to department personnel. These are “thank you, buddy” badges, and were issued by the former Governor and other high officials with state government as “get out of jail” badges to their friends and others who rated special favors.
The badge certainly can be considered a collectable badge, but of you are thinking it is a “department issue” badge of the Louisiana State Police, then you need to think again. There was no such position as SPECIAL AGENT with the state police. State troopers working as investigators with the LSP just used their normal “department issue” badge during the performance of their duties.

There are quite a few SPECIAL AGENT badges out there, most still held by those who were given the badge as a special favor by some ranking person in Louisiana government. They are probably worth $50 to $75 to those who find the novelty badge worth collecting. Flashing one of these SPECIAL AGENT badges today will probably land you in jail instead of keeping you out.

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A "Get Out Of Jail" badge of yesterday