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July 21, 2004

With the exception of the rejected “hole” badges and the 315 series, few reproductions of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol badge have surfaced on the collectors market. Things have changed

The Gode Company of Germany is now making an Oklahoma Highway Patrol badge. The badge can’t really be termed a "reproduction" under the guidelines of the BADGE GUIDE, as it is not made by any of the official OHP badge makers. But, admittedly, calling a badge this pretty a "fake" is also hard to do.

One good thing about Gode is… they hallmark their badges, so by looking at the back, you can tell right away that this is not a "department issue" badge. But too, without holding the badge in my hand to feel the weight and quality, this badge is as good on the front as many official “department issues”.

Just be aware that this badge is out there on the collectors market, and that it is starting to show up on the auction sites. It should not be considered an official “department issue” Oklahoma Highway Patrol badge, and should not be valued as one. If you end up with one of these, the price should be what you’d pay for a “novelty” or movie prop badge, and not the suggested BADGE GUIDE price for a real “department issue” Oklahoma Highway Patrol badge.

Our publication tells the secrets of telling a "department issue" badge from a fake or a reproduction. Should you encounter a badge that you have questions about, do send us a copy of the photos, front and back. This will
help us in our efforts of telling other collectors what is out on the market these days. Should you encounter a state patrol badge and have questions about it, send us a photo of the badge, back and front, and let us give you an opinion. Remember, it is your input that alerts us to the fakes and reproductions that are out there. Support this site by telling us of questionable badges. Our BADGE GUIDE will assist you in collecting only valid badges, and will advise on a bracket price for each state.