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There is a series of reproduction Texas Department of Public Safety - Highway Patrol badges making the auction sites and badge shows these days. They can display different ranks.

This badge is easily detected if you know what to look for. First, the badge carries a Blackinton hallmark. From what I have been able to tell, this badge is an import and the hallmark is a fake. It is not well done and without a detailed hallmark. The pin on the badge is thin and sub-standard when matched up against an issue DPS badge. It is also shorter than the issue pin attachment. Perhaps the most telling detail of all is... the badge does not have the very rounded appearance of the department issue DPS badges. The reproduction series is not completely flat, but the roundness is much less pronounced than the standard department issue uniform badges.

As if that isn't enough, you need to also look closely at the leaves in the wreath. Although Texas has had their badges made by many different makers over the years, I must note there is some slight difference in the different manufacturers badges, but not as much as is shown in the reproduction. The wreath in the reproduction series is weak and not nearly as will done as the standard issue badges. Look closely at any wreath that looks weak or overly plated.

To help you detect the differences, I am posting a photo of a reproduction and a photo of an issue badge. The TROOPER badge is a reproduction. The LIEUTENANT badge is "department issue." You can clearly see the difference in the wreath detail and the kind of leaves used.

The Texas DPS reproduction badges are worth around $10. That is probably double what it cost to make them, while the department issue badges can bring as much as $225, especially the Halton hallmarked issues. Look closely at any Texas DPS badge.


Showing the Old and New
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June 8, 2003

The Texas Department of Public Safety has started issuing new badges to the DPS personnel.  The new badges, manufactured by Nielsen, have basically the same design as the older badge with the exception of the cutout star that is positioned to represent the state capitol of Austin.  The DPS also has added some ranks, such as is shown in this collector's display.  Note Senior Trooper and Trooper II and Trooper III.

 These badges are starting to show up on the collectors market, and should be valued at the same price as the most previous issue, without the star cutout