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January 24, 2007

The Arizona Department of Public Safety badge displaying the number of 2513 and the rank of PATROLMAN is a reproduction. There are many things wrong with this badge, including the fonts used and the ribbon panel and badge design. Older editions of the Badge Guide give you some insight into a few more. This reproduction is not worth adding to any serious collection. It should be considered as a novelty or movie prob badge, and worth no more than $40, if that.




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January 6, 2005

You are looking at a badge that truly qualifies as a “fake” rather than a reproduction. The only good things about this badge are… 1) it is a gold color, 2) the words were spelled correctly, and 3) there truly is such a department as the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Everything else about this badge is wrong. The state seal does not match AHP specs, and it also has a worded rim around it. The lettering uses the wrong font, and is also placed incorrectly. And, finally, this is a stock badge die that anyone can order through any local badge dealer.

Dealing with Arizona Highway Patrol badges can be a bit tricky unless you have a good idea of the die used for the official “department issue”. You also need to know how the badge is lettered and the font used. Another huge mistake made by whoever had this thing made up is… there are dots in the circle. The AHP uses stars. Little things like this can truly keep you from being taken in the badge collecting hobby. Pay attention to what you are being offered. Do some research and know the current and past badge making contract holders, and whatever you do, don’t find your money going for anything that is this far off so far as department specifications are concerned.

This badge is so far off, I wouldn’t even consider it for the material used to make it. So far as a collectible is concerned, it is worthless.

I hope YOU didn’t fall for this one!

Our publication tells the secrets of telling a "department issue" badge from a fake or a reproduction. Should you encounter a badge that you have questions about, do send us a copy of the photos, front and back. This will
help us in our efforts of telling other collectors what is out on the market these days. Should you encounter a state patrol badge and have questions about it, send us a photo of the badge, back and front, and let us give you an opinion. Remember, it is your input that alerts us to the fakes and reproductions that are out there. Support this site by telling us of questionable badges. Our BADGE GUIDE will assist you in collecting only valid badges, and will advise on a bracket price for each state.