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California Highway Patrol

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January 25, 2007

The California Highway Patrol badge is probably the most highly reproduced and faked badge on the collectors market. Recently, the collectors market has been flooded with KAAG hallmarked badges WITH rivets. Most of these badges are done in the higher ranks, such as COMMISSIONER, CHIEF, DEPUTY CHIEF and so on. But too, there are some out there with the working ranks. These badges are IMPORTS and worthless!

Remember this about CHP badges. First, ALL CHP badges MUST be hallmarked and MUST have the rank panel riveted to the badge. You can see the rivets when you look at the back of the badge. Next, the specifications of the CHP call for badges to be 1/10 14K GF. This should be stamped into the back of the badge, and not in an attached panel or plate.

Next, CHP members keep their number for the full term of their career. If you see a DEPUTY CHIEF badge, it should not have a row of stars where the number should be! Please, don't get taken by these fake hallmarks and these other stories that are told to sellers every single day! IF you have any questions about a CHP badge, send us a picture of the badge, front and back, and let us give you an opinion. CHP badges can be very deceptive. We will confirm if what you are being offered is valid or not. Be VERY careful with CHP badges!