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North Dakota

April 14, 2005

The North Dakota State Patrol “department issue” badge, manufactured and hallmarked by Entenmann Rovin is one of the most difficult for serious collectors. It’s not that there is anything all that special or unique about the stock die badge. It’s just with the limited number of State Patrol personnel, the badge is very hard to find on the collectors market.

The badge pictured with this posting is one of the few fakes I have seen for North Dakota. Clearly, this badge was not made by Entenmann Rovin, and although fairly close in general design, the badge does not match the “department issue” NDSP badge.

I could go into a lengthy description of the multitude of things wrong with this fake, but as they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. Don’t let this one fool you. It’s close only in the basic design and lettering. It is absolutely a fake. It doesn’t even meet the specifications of a reproduction. At least the seller had the good sense to post it on the auction as a “reproduction”, as it is clearly not a “department issue” badge.

The valid “department issue” North Dakota State Patrol badge is pictured and described in the BADGE GUIDE.